Welcome to cPost - fun entertainment for the whole family


Choose a postcard theme to populate with decorations and photos.

Send the decorated postcard to your family and friends!


         How to play:

        - Choose a theme to play

        - Open the left menu and swipe the screen to choose a scenario

        - Rotate the bottom menu to choose the decorations and drag them to the scenario

        - Rotate and resize the decorations 

        - You can add and/or take photos

        - Save and share with your friends



We value your privacy and security.

​cPost does not collect any personal information or data directly. We use Apple and Google platforms to make this App available to you and these platforms may register usage stats according to your phone settings.

cPost allows you to share your screens through multiple platforms available on your Google and Apple OS at your own will.  

Website: http://www.cpost.us

Music and sounds effects: FreeSFX www.freefx.co.uk

Send an email for support